27 April 2021

The Robotic Alchemist

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SCI’s Materials Science Committee

Online Webinar 14:30 – 15:30 BST

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In this talk, Prof Cronin will outline how his group have devised a universal approach to chemical synthesis and discovery using a Chemical Processing Unit or ChemPU to build robotic systems, driven by chemical intelligence algorithms, designed to search for new reactivity, reactions, and molecules.

To achieve this, they built a programmable robotic discovery system that can run the reactions and analysis. To program the robot, they exploit the world’s first domain-specific chemical programming language (XDL) to produce the code.
This system will handle the programming of robots so expert chemists can focus on generating discovery experiments, allowing the exploration of chemical space.
This event will be of interest to anyone interested in materials chemistry or pharmaceuticals discovery.

Prof Lee Cronin

University of Glasgow

Leroy (Lee) Cronin is the Regius Professor of Chemistry in Glasgow. Since the age of 9 Lee has wanted to explore chemistry using electronics to control matter. His research spans many disciplines and has four main aims: the construction of an artificial life form; the digitization of chemistry; the use of artificial intelligence in chemistry including the construction of ‘wet’ chemical computers; the exploration of complexity and information in chemistry. His group is organised and assembled transparently around ideas, avoids hierarchy, and aims to mentor researchers using a problem-based approach. Nothing is impossible until it is tried.

14.30 – Prof Lee (Leroy) Cronin, University of Glasgow
This event is free to attend. 

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