9 June 2021

Plastics, from cradle to grave – and resurrection II

Organised by:

SCI's Environment, Health, Safety and Food groups and RSC’s Environmental Chemistry, Toxicology and Food Chemistry groups

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Following on from the successful conference held last year, a follow up conference has been organised to expand on the key themes, looking at where we have come from, where we have got to and where we want to go.

This conference brings together academic and industrial speakers with the aim of focussing on assessing challenges and opportunities for researchers, industry and government. There will be a thematic link between the current use of plastics, toxicology and standardisation, the complex issues with respect fit for purpose sampling and analysis, and the future of plastic usage.


Plastics, packaging and politics update 2021  

Stuart Foster, Chief Executive Officer, Recoup 


Implications of the WHO Microplastics in drinking water 2019 report 
Peter Marsden, Principal Inspector Drinking Water Inspectorate, UK (Recently retired)


Microplastic removal in drinking water processes: coagulation flocculation 
Dr Pablo Campo-Moreno, Cranfield University, Lecturer of applied chemistry


15 min Discussion session 
Chaired by K. Clive Thompon

Coffee break

The potential impact of microplastic pollution on the environment and human health 
Prof Brian Quinn, University of West of Scotland


Microplastics in Scottish Waters – what has been done and what needs to be done? 
Prof Colin Moffat, Marine Scotland Chief Scientific Advisor, Scottish Government


Benefits and risks of plastics in healthcare (will include associated pollutants in plastics) 
Dr Anne Woolridge, Independent Safety Services Ltd (ISSL)


15 min Discussion session 
Chaired by John MacLachlan

Lunch break
Dr John MacLachlan, RSC Toxicology Group - Afternoon chair

Plastic-free London Project: - Campaign Issues 
Mike Simmonds


Compostable packaging and food waste management 
David Newman, Managing Director, Bio-based and Biodegradable Industries Association (BBIA)


Reducing Plastics in the Environment and chairing the final discussion 
Judy Proctor, Environmental Agency


Final 20 min Discussion session 
Chaired by Judy Proctor

Close meeting

Fees will be announced in due course.

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