Investment will drive green innovation

30 July 2020 | Muriel Cozier

SCI’s Green Recovery File: The UK Government continues on its road to reach net-zero by 2050 and makes plans for first zero emissions long haul passenger plane.

The UK’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson, has announced that £350 million will be made available to cut emissions in heavy industry and drive economic recovery following the coronavirus pandemic.

The investment will build on the Prime Minister’s drive to make progress on the UK’s target to reach net-zero by 2050 and  support businesses in heavy industry, construction, space and transport sectors as they decarbonise, as well as securing the UK’s place ‘at the forefront of green innovation.’

The Prime Minister said ‘…We’re backing cutting edge research to cut costs and carbon across our great British industries and even paving the way for the first ever zero emission long haul passenger flight – so that our green ambitions can remain sky high as we build back better for both our people and our planet.’

The £350 million package includes £139 million to cut emissions from heavy industry by supporting the transition from natural gas to clean hydrogen power and scaling up carbon capture and storage technology. A further £149 million is available to drive the use of innovative materials in heavy industry; this will cover 13 initial projects which includes proposals to reuse waste ash in the glass and ceramics industry and the development of recyclable steel.

The announcement of the investment was made just ahead of the first meeting of the Jet Zero Council, which is bringing together government, representatives from the environmental sector and the aviation and aerospace industry to tackle aviation emissions in line with the government’s ambition to achieve the first ever zero emission long haul passenger planes.

Grant Shapps, Transport Secretary said ‘…As we push forward with innovative technologies such as sustainable fuels and eventually fully electric planes, we will boost sustainability for years to come’

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