Bayer invests to drive innovation in life sciences

04 April 2022 | Muriel Cozier

More than €1.3 billion will be invested to tackle global challenges

Bayer has used its first ever Breakthrough Innovation Forum to set out its plans to invest more than €1.3 billion over three years in its Leaps by Bayer impact investment unit. The company said that the unit ‘follows a unique approach aimed a tackling ten of humanity’s biggest challenges such as curing cancer or reducing the environmental impact of agriculture.’

The Breakthrough Innovation Forum, which was held on 1 April, saw Bayer share insights on its ongoing progress to drive long-term breakthrough innovations in the life sciences. Bayer’s executives illustrated how a forthcoming wave of innovations was set to open new opportunities in next-generation healthcare and provide solutions to make agriculture more sustainable and less resource intensive.

In the area of health, the company highlighted the expectation that an increasing number of technologies would allow unmet medical needs to be addressed. Precision health is an area that Bayer said it is tapping into as well the future potential of the personalised supplements market. The company has also secured innovation partnerships in the field of healthy ageing, using novel biological insights to inform how the right nutrition and lifestyle choices can improve cellular health and promote healthy ageing. At the same time in the area of agriculture; the company set out how it was building on emerging technologies to develop a sustainable and resilient food system, producing enough food around the world while reducing emissions and removing carbon from the atmosphere.

The Breakthrough Innovation Forum featured CEO’s from Leaps by Bayer’s portfolio companies: Cellino, Andes and Ukko, who shared their perspectives and technologies in health and agriculture. Jürgen Eckhardt, Head of Leaps by Bayer said: ‘Over the past seven years we have invested more that €1.3 billion across a portfolio comprising more than 50 companies…With Bayer stepping up its investment in Leaps over the coming years, we will be able to continue on our successful path and provide funding or the brightest minds working on solutions that truly make a difference for people and the planet.’

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