SCI Scotland Group Twitter Competition 2022

The SCI Scotland Group is thrilled to announce their first SCI Scot Photo Twitter competition 2022!

Are you a student or researcher (undergraduate, masters and PhD students) in science and based in the UK? Tweet a picture of your work/day on Wednesday, 28th September 2022, telling us what you do and why your research is important for our society and industry! Be ready for a day full of interaction online!

You can choose to enter one of 3 categories. Judged by an expert panel, your images can have anything to do with science and sustainability; what your results look like, how your daily research life is, environmental sustainability. Your picture and tweets will be evaluated on their relevance to ‘where science meets business’, creativity, and uniqueness.

The winner of each category will receive one year’s student membership to SCI and a £50 Amazon voucher!

All entries must follow the rules* detailed below:

  • Use the hashtag #SCIScotPhoto to enter and tag @SCIScotGroup
  • Add a second hashtag to enter the specific category of your interest:




Science snapshot 

Your photo could include any image of your results or data that better represent your work. It could also be a schematic of your processes and methodology.  


Green in UK  

Your photo should be related to the theme of environmental sustainability and what that means to you and your institution. 


A day in the life of a scientist 

Your photo should include what you think best describes your life as a scientist. Get creative and show us what being a scientist means to you!  


  • Add a short title to your photograph to explain your research area
  • Add 3 more tweets to describe your picture, what you do and how your work impacts our society and industry
  • The applicant must be a UK resident
  • The applicant must have a Twitter account
  • Only one entry per applicant is allowed
  • The applicant must be an undergraduate student, master student or PhD student

The date for entries on Twitter is Wednesday, 28th September 2022.
*For more information about the competition rules, please read the application guidelines and Terms & Conditions below.

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Meet the judges

Alison Hughes

Dr Alison Hughes

Judge for Science in a snapshot

Alison is project coordinator at the Scottish Universities Life Sciences Alliance (SULSA).

"I am passionate about making science accessible to everyone and supporting academic researchers in their career development. I have recently been selected for the Scottish Funding Council’s advisory board on supporting postgraduate research students".

David Millar

Dr David Millar

Judge for Science in a Snapshot

David completed his undergraduate studies in Materials Science and PhD in electron microscopy of metal matrix composites at the University of Queensland. He then joined the University of St Andrews to continue his postdoctoral studies working with Professor John Irvine on the characterisation of solid oxide fuel cell materials.

Deborah McNeill

Dr Deborah McNeill

Judge for Green in UK

Deborah is Director of the Glasgow Science Festival (GSF) which runs throughout June. She is Head of Public Engagement Group in STEMM hosted by the University of Glasgow and also a Marine Ecology Researcher at the University. She is a Trustee at the Scottish Association for Marine Sciences.

Louise Horsfall

Prof Louise Horsfall

Judge for Green in UK

Louise is Professor of Sustainable Biotechnology at the University of Edinburgh, leading the College of Science and Engineering’s Biotechnology theme. She is an Advisory Board member for the European Synthetic Biology Society and SynBioUK, and an executive board member of the European Federation of Biotechnology. She holds an EPSRC Fellowship in engineering for sustainability and resilience.

Marta Vignola

Dr Marta Vignola

Judge for A day in the life of a scientist

Marta is an RAEng for Development Research for development fellow at the University of Glasgow. Her research lies at the interface between engineering, fundamental ecology, and environmental microbiology where she is interested in understanding the drivers that control the assembly of microbial communities in water filters and how these affect filter performance.

Sylvia Soldatou

Dr Sylvia Soldatou

Judge for A day in the life of a scientist

Sylvia is a postdoctoral researcher at the Marine Biodiscovery Centre at the University of Aberdeen. Her research projects focus on microbial marine natural products discovery through multi-omics analysis where she uses a range of microbiology, molecular biology and analytical chemistry techniques. She is passionate about public engagement and has participated in numerous outreach activities.

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