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6 February 2023 | Muriel Cozier

UK government boosts over 300 companies by exempting renewable energy obligations

The UK government is taking a significant step towards supporting industries and boosting economic growth by exempting over 300 companies in steel, paper, chemicals, and metals from charges related to renewable energy obligations. This move will help cut energy costs, reduce carbon emissions, and foster sustainability. Learn more about this development here.

IRENA reports record high investments in renewables reaching $1.3 trillion in 2022

Investments in renewable energy sources have hit an all-time high, with over $1.3 trillion invested in 2022, according to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). This development is a massive milestone in the global effort towards a sustainable energy future. Find out more about this report here.

US Department of Energy allocates $68 Million to cut emissions and address climate change

The US Department of Energy is providing $68 million in funding to small businesses developing technology to cut emissions and study climate. This investment aims to encourage innovation and accelerate the transition to cleaner energy sources. Read more about this funding here.

TotalEnergies commits to renewable power with 20-year purchase agreement

TotalEnergies has signed a 20-year agreement to purchase renewable power, marking a significant step towards reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainability. This commitment demonstrates the company's dedication to a cleaner energy future. Learn more about this agreement here.

UK government awards £5 million to 22 innovative healthcare projects for veterans

The UK government is making a significant investment in the health care of veterans by awarding £5 million to 22 innovative projects. These projects focus on improving the quality of life of veterans by offering personalised care, support for mental health, and rehabilitation services. Find out more about these projects here.

Bayer's Nutrient Gap Initiative to Improve Access to Essential Nutrients for 50 Million People by 2050

Bayer is taking a big step towards addressing global hunger and malnutrition by extending its Nutrient Gap Initiative. The initiative aims to improve access to essential nutrients for 50 million people by 2050. Learn more about this initiative here.

The Department of Business and Trade Appoints Professor Julia Sutcliffe as Chief Scientific Advisor

The Department of Business and Trade has appointed Professor Julia Sutcliffe as their Chief Scientific Advisor. This appointment marks a significant milestone in promoting scientific research and innovation in the UK. Find out more about Professor Sutcliffe's appointment here.

Ineos Invests £1.4 billion in acquiring oil and gas assets from chesapeake energy

Ineos is investing £1.4 billion to acquire oil and gas assets from Chesapeake Energy. This investment marks a significant expansion of the company's energy portfolio and is a big step towards securing the UK's energy future. Learn more about this investment here.

BASF partners with Tenova to recycle lithium-ion batteries

BASF has partnered with Tenova to develop a technology for recycling lithium-ion batteries. This partnership is a significant step towards creating a circular economy and promoting sustainability. Find out more about this partnership here.

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