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SCI Young Researchers in Agri-Food 2016: Food Quality and Sustainability from Plough to Plate

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12 May 2016

SCI Young Researchers in AgriFood 2016: Food Quality and Sustainability from Plough to Plate was held on Thursday 12 May at University of Reading. As part of the event, young researchers from across the UK presented their work alongside a key note presentation from Libby Good as well as a workshop lead by Alexandra Carrick.

Available Conference Papers

1. How did they grow and where did they go?  - Libby Good, University of Reading, UK

2. Effects of antibiotic prophylaxis on the gut microbiome and performance of growing broiler chicks - Alexandra Tonks, University of Reading, UK

3. The effect of sweeteners on bioactive compounds of a Roselle beverage - Esereosa Omoarukhe, University of Reading, UK

4. Barriers to sustainable beef production in Northern Ireland: farmers’ perspective - Stephanie Brooks, Queen’s University Belfast, UK

5. Changes in rocket phytochemicals within the industrial supply chain: a case study of UK-grown produce  - Luke Bell, University of Reading, UK

6. The impact of hop aroma compounds on perceived beer bitterness intensity and character - Olayide Oladokun, University of Nottingham, UK

7. Mitigating soil degradation with organic amendments: impacts on crop yields - Benedict Unagwu, Cranfield University, UK

8. How to get your research published - Alexandra Carrick, John Wiley & Sons Ltd, UK

9. Physiological regulation of onion dormancy as influenced by pre-harvest irrigation and post-harvest ethylene supplementation - Ikenna Ohanenye, Cranfield University, UK

10. Enzymatic production of ferulic acid from wheat milling fractions - Raffaella Di Silvestro, University of Reading, UK

11. Variation of wheat root traits associated with organic phosphorus uptake: towards lower fertiliser requirements - Ingrid Robertson, University of Sheffield, UK

12. Multifunctional impacts of flavonoids on rhizosphere biochemical, microbial properties and plant health - Ali Abdulameer, University of Reading, UK

13. Competitive wheat cultivars for the sustainable suppression of the weed Alopecurus myosuroides - Izzadora Andrew, University of Reading, UK


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