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Congratulations to the recipients of the 2015 David Miller Award

David Miller

Each year, The David Miller Award aims to give two young plant scientists or horticulturists the opportunity of overseas travel in connection with their horticultural careers.

SCI is pleased to announce this year the awards have been given to:

  • Benjamin Langendorf, University of York
    Benjamin is researching the pre-colonisation of strawberry planting materials with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi to improve transplant growth and tolerance to soil-borne pathogens
  • Idowu Joseph Rotifa, University of Edinburgh
    Idowu’s research focuses on: Novel approaches for the management of leaf and bud nematodes in hardy nursery stock

As part of the award, Benjamin and Idowu will receive a year’s student membership of SCI and three year’s Friends Membership of the Eden Project. SCI would like to thank Vitacress and the Eden Project for their generous sponsorship of the award.

Congratulations to both 2015 David Miller Award winners.

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