David Reid Receives Distinguished Service Award

2 May 2013

Each year, at its AGM, SCI presents Distinguished Service Awards. The awards celebrate the hard work and goodwill of longer-serving members from all component parts of the Society. They recognise time given as volunteers to organise conferences, edit or peer-review the material published in our journals, share enthusiasm, or lend leadership and vision to sustain regional or technical group activities.

This year, the Society is pleased to present a Distinguished Service Award to Professor David Reid for his work with the Publications Advisory Committee and Editorship of the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture (JSFA).

How did you become a member of SCI?
I joined SCI as a consequence of my involvement in JSFA

Why did you decide to get involved in committee work/organising events/collaborating in SCI publications?
In 1988, at the invitation of Mike Tombs, the editor of JSFA, I took on the role of North American Editor, and handled all manuscripts originating from the Americas, forwarding to London only those recommended for acceptance. When Mike retired, in 1998, I took on the role of co-editor-in-chief along with Rodney Dowdell, and in 2002 became sole editor-in-chief.

What has driven your long-term involvement?
As a journal editor, and SCI member, I thought it appropriate to be involved in the Society’s overall journal management strategies. The journals are a critical component of the Society's financial portfolio.

Has being involved in SCI activities had an impact on your professional career?
My role as editor-in-chief has been an important part of my academic career development.

Do your SCI activities reflect your personal/professional interests?
I have always been interested in the mechanics of publication. As an undergraduate student, I was business manager of the student chemistry society magazine, and learned first hand the fiscal realities of publishing.

Are you still excited to participate in SCI activities?
I will participate in SCI activities as long as I feel that I am making a positive contribution to SCI. In my 25 years with the journal, the Society's structure has evolved to make it much more attuned to the needs of its membership, and it has moved into the internet age in a careful, and thoughtful manner.

How do you think that your contribution has helped shaped SCI?
I have contributed to the health and growth of the SCI journals portfolio, and have had a significant role in the development of JSFA in my 25 years of active involvement in its editorial functions.

Are you excited about receiving a Distinguished Service Award?
I am honoured to receive such recognition from the Society.

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