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2009 Distinguished Service Award for SCI Canada's Graham Knowles

Graham Knowles

As Awards Chairman of SCI Canada for over 12 years, Dr Graham D Knowles has given distinguished, conspicuous and sustained voluntary service to SCI through:

  • Administration of SCI Canada annual Student Merits Awards, which involves liaising with approximately 65 different university departments, from 41 University campuses to identify approximately 90 Student Merit Award winners each year, arranging to produce award plaques and present the awards, etc
  • Chairing the Awards Committee as it identifies candidates for three or more senior contributor awards per year, draws-up the short list and makes the final selection
  • Playing a leading role in the organisation and production of the annual Awards Dinner, at which those Student Merit Award winners present, are also recognised
  • Supporting and handling the development of two new awards for SCI (Julia Levy and Kalev Pugi).

Graham is long overdue for recognition, especially with regard to the Student Merit Award programme which is valued not only by the outstanding students but also by their universities, which proudly display their winners from previous decades on their departmental plaque.

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