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2008 Distinguished Service Award Pest Management and Bioactive Sciences' Tim Joseph-Horne

Tim Joseph-Horne

2008 Distinguished Service Award winner's CV

  • 1988-1991 – BSc Hons BioMedical Technology – Sheffield Hallam University
  • 1991- 1992 – Clinical Biochemist in Dept Chemical Pathology at Sheffield’s Children’s Hospital
  • 1992 – 1996 – PhD Sheffield University entitled ‘Molecular Mechanisms of Azole Resistance’
  • 1996 – 1999 – Post-doctoral project at IACR-Long Ashton Research Station, Bristol determining the mode of action of a developmental fungicide for Monsanto.
  • 1999 – 2002 – Research Associate at Bristol University exploring the mitochondrial electron transport chains of plant pathogenic fungi.
  • 2002 – 2008  Research Fellow at Bristol University in structural biology.  Highly varied research including novel ligand-complex analysis of anti-malarials, structural and biochemical analysis of plant signalling protein interactions and novel tryspin inhibitors.

Since 1996 I have worked with most of the major agrochemical companies including Agrevo and Rhone-Poulenc (as were!), with BASF,  and, more recently, Aventis,  Syngenta and LG.

I also spent part of 1999 in Japan working with Prof. Hideo Ishii on understanding the biochemical and molecular basis of strobulurin resistant field isolates from a range of pathogenic fungi.

Tim Joseph-Horne

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