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Ecole Centrale de Nantes, France 8-19 December 2008

Dora Iliana Medina

I recently visited the Ecole Central de Nantes in France to work with Professor Francisco Chinesta on the modelling of microcapillary films (MCFs). MCFs are polymer films that contain a parallel array of capillaries embedded in them. The modelling enables us to better understand and predict the properties of the MCFs and is essential to improve the quality of the films we produce.

My attendance at the Ecole Central de Nantes was also a great opportunity to exchange ideas and expertise with other researchers and experts from the university, and also with Professor Matteo Pasquali from Rice University (USA), who was visiting the research group and presenting his work in Ecole Central de Nantes.I found some of the presentations in the Department of Materials very interesting and they gave me some new ideas for my research.Networking during the events, seminars and breaks was most useful as it allowed me to exchange ideas about my research, and make new contacts. I relished the opportunity to meet people in my field of research and discuss my own research with them. Nantes in France was also a fascinating place to visit and I would like to express my sincere thanks to SCI for awarding me the Messel Fund grant that helped fund my trip

Dora Iliana Medina
University of Cambridge

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