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Macro Group UK awards and medals open

Howard Coloquoun

14 Oct 2013

All Macro Group UK awards and medals are now open for applications. The Macro group UK awards are open to scientists from any organisation (industrial, commercial, government, academic...).

Nominations for the Macro Group UK Medal and the Macro Group UK Young Researchers' Medal are restricted to scientists currently working in the UK, whereas the Macro Group UK Medal for Outstanding Achievement is open to scientists from all countries of the world.

The photo shows Prof Howard Colquhoun of the University of Reading receiving the 2012 Macro Group UK Medal IUPAC 10th International Conference on Advanced Polymers via Macromolecular Engineering which was held in Durham, UK in August 2013. His lecture was on Supramolecular chemistry of aromatic polyimides: from sequence recognition to chain-extension and self-repair.

Applications must be received by 31 October.

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