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red waves

2 Apr 2015

Calling applicants for a PhD experimental project! An SCI funded PhD studentship is available from October 2015 for three years.

The project title is entitled 'Colloid Organisation in Liquid Crystals under Flow' and it will be supervised by Dr Tiffany Wood, SCI Scotland Group Chair and Member of SCI's Membership Affairs Committee, and a Royal Society Industry Fellow, and Colin Brown, Technical Director of The Mentholatum Company Ltd who make products for the health care market (eg DEEP HEAT).

The student will seek a fundamental understanding of colloid structure under flow in liquid crystalline systems. This is an experimental project suitable for someone with a background in physics, chemistry, chemical engineering or similar. As well as gaining industrial insight, there will be opportunities to work closely with computer simulators in the group who are developing models for describing this behaviour.

Please contact tiffany.wood@ed.ac.uk for more details.

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