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Perkin Scholarship for Michael Clift

Michael Clift

Michael D Clift is the recipient of the 2009 Perkin Scholarship. Clift received his undergraduate degree in biochemistry in 2005 from Western Michigan University as a member of the Lee Honors College. Upon graduating he moved to Northwestern University where he spent a year in the labs of Professor Richard B Silverman before joining Dr Regan J Thomson's research group. His broad research experiences have included work in biochemistry, medicinal chemistry, and total synthesis.

The Perkin Scholarship is the latest award for Clift, whose previous achievements include:

2005   Presidential Scholar in Chemistry, Western Michigan University
2005   Outstanding Student Awards in Chemistry, Western Michigan University
2005   Lee Honors College Graduate
2004   NSF-REU Program, Western Michigan University (Dr J J Kiddle)
2003   Jensen Award for academic merit in organic chemistry, Western Michigan University, Department of Chemistry

The $5,000 scholarship is presented to a student at the Perkin Medal Dinner, held each year in Philadelphia, USA

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