Rideal Lecture: It was gravity which pulled us down... - conference papers

London 20 April 2009

The Rideal lecture is an annual award given by SCI’s Colloid and Surface Chemistry Group and the RSC’s Colloid and Interface Science Group. The 2009 recipient of the award is Professor Richard Buscall, who is well known to most in the colloid community. Richard worked for many years at ICI heading up the colloid research group and specialising in rheology of dispersions. The symposium featured speakers who have links with Richard’s career and covered a multitude of colloidal areas from gel collapse to cracking of films during drying.

This conference was aimed at anyone interested in colloid science as well as rheologists and formulators, scientists in the agriculture, food, coatings, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

14:00 Cracking in coatings from colloidal dispersions: An industrial perspective (pdf 3.2Mb)
Martin Murray, AkzoNobel
15:00 Pickering emulsions produced using hydrophilic particles - stability and rheology
Bill Frith, Unilever
15:30 Self consistent field studies of mixed interfacial polymers and biopolymers in melts and solutions
Rammille Ettelaie, Leeds University
16:30 Charge in non-aqueous systems (pdf 2Mb)
Paul Bartlett, Bristol University
17:00 Title to be confirmed
Lee White, University of South Australia
17:30 Delayed sedimentation: From formulation to physics and back again (pdf 400Kb)
Alan Parker, Firmenich
18:20 Rideal Lecture: It was gravity which pulled us down (pdf 1.5Mb)
Richard Buscall, MSACT Consulting

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