International Association of Colloid and Interface Scientists Conference 2012

21 Sept 2012

Rideal Travel Bursar Huai Nyin Yow reports from the International Association of Colloid and Interface Scientists 2012 conference (IACIS 2012) in Sendai, Japan, 13-18 May 2012.

My oral presentation, 'Stability of temperature-responsive colloidal particles in inkjet inks by centrifugal sedimentation' in the Technologies and Applications and Products session at the IACIS 2012 conference, covered the key issues around colloidal particle interaction and application of a novel experimental technique.

It illustrated the use of a novel centrifugation technique to probe the interaction between temperature-responsive colloidal particles as a function of temperature and electrolyte concentration.

It also demonstrated the application of the centrifugation technique to perform multi-sample analysis for inkjet formulation stability testing, as well as the colloidal interaction between temperature-responsive particles.

It demonstrated the difference in particle bed behaviour as a function of temperature and electrolyte concentration, as well as the extraction of compressive yield stress to quantitatively characterise the particle beds.

My presentation was well received and initiated discussions with other researchers, particularly in the extraction of compressive yield data from the flocculated particle beds including comparison at different experimental conditions. It has led to new research, such as the use of free polymers to probe the colloidal interactions.

IACIS 2012 has allowed me to meet and network with other researchers, particularly with from Japan and Australia. It has also helped strengthen my partnerships with my existing partners and fellow researchers. The conference also helped develop my knowledge base, particularly in the science of particle synthesis. IACIS 2012 had given me a good exposure, both in ideas to improve my research work as well as in networking and developing collaborations.

It had also been a good way to examine my research knowledge and strengthen my understanding in the field of colloids and interface science. I was able to meet Prof Brian Vincent, Prof George Franks, Prof Erica Wanless, Dr Ryo Murakami and other leading researchers. There have been discussions with my Japanese counterparts on potential collaborative research including visits to our respective universities.

Our research group has reviewed my experience and research findings from the IACIS 2012 conference. We respect the Japanese research ethic and admire their culture and determination. A few research ideas were shared, such as the interaction investigation when two colloidosomes are brought in close contact and the interpretation of compressive yield data in relation to the nuclear industry. This experience at the international conference has inspired other colleagues to attend similar conferences to obtain their own exposure to the international research community, particularly for high quality research worldwide. I would like to thank SCI and RSC CISG for their support and generosity to my trip and experience at IACIS 2012. It has definitely been a worthwhile experience both in attending the conference and in visiting Japan.

Huai Nyin Yow
Leeds University

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