SCI College of Scholars

The College of Scholars was established to help current SCI scholars make the most of the opportunities the SCI scholarships provide, and to make past and present scholars aware of SCI resources that may be of value to them in their current research and future career.

The SCI Scholars fund was established in 1920, and was endowed by the bequests of Rudolph Messel and John Gray, both former presidents and founding members of SCI. The scholarships consist of £5000 grants, given over two years for students who are approaching their second year of research for a UK PhD in chemistry, chemical engineering and related subjects.

The College of Scholars initiative was the brainchild of Dr Natalie Fey, herself a former SCI scholar The College has three distinguished patrons: Drs Dave Allen, Andy Merritt and Thimo Schmidt-Lord. Prof Alan Heaton has recently become its Principal.

‘I was delighted to accept the invitation to be the College’s first principal. My role involves managing the College and working with Natalie, Tim and SCI Headquarters, to plan and organise its activities,’ said Professor Alan Heaton.

‘The first of these activities was the Scholars’ Lunch, held at SCI on 7 December 2009. New scholars were presented with their certificates by Tim Reynolds and Andy Merritt. Scholars then discussed the publication of papers and review articles in SCI journals with Prof Michael Cox and representatives of SCI’s publishers, Wiley. There was a very useful exchange of views on what SCI could do for scholars and vice versa.’ ‘My proposal to introduce each scholar to the SCI group in their local region (Regional Interest Group) and then the appropriate group of technical interest to them (Technical Interest Group) was enthusiastically received,’ commented Prof Heaton. ‘In addition, all members of the College of Scholars agreed to promote SCI events, travel bursaries and scholarships in their departments.’

‘Next, we plan to hold regional events where scholars can give short presentations on their project. The first was held in Spring 2010 in Cambridge with the support of Jayshree Mistry, a member of the Cambridge and Great Eastern Regional Group Committee. A second event was held in Manchester in the autumn,’ explained Prof Heaton.

How can you get involved?
SCI is looking for mentors, both topic specialists and those who can respond to general enquiries on issues such as career advice. Details of the research projects are on the Scholars' page below. If you would like to participate in this exciting new initiative please email

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