Interview with SCI Scholar, James Murray

17 Sep 2015

For over thirty years, SCI has supported and recognised the excellence of early career people, by aiding their studies in the form of an SCI Scholarship.

Since 1985 over 65 scholarships have been awarded which have not only given the recipients financial assistance, but have enabled them to broaden their network and strengthen their skills and knowledge. SCI Scholars receive access to publishing and mentoring opportunities and are given a platform to present their work amongst esteemed scientists and industrialists, thus raising their profile within the scientific community. In the past eight years alone, SCI has generously bequeathed nearly £115,000 of its charitable funds to SCI Scholars and the scientists of the future.

James Murray received an SCI Scholarship in 2013. Here he tells us what being an SCI Scholar has enabled him to do.

What has the scholarship from SCI enabled you to do that would not have been possible otherwise?

The financial assistance given by SCI helped me to attend an international conference in Shanghai in 2014. This opportunity provided me with a platform from which to share my research with the international scientific community and to meet potential supervisors for my planned post-doctoral studies.

The SCI Scholarship has also allowed me to meet like-minded individuals within SCI and to join the SCI Young Chemists’ Panel.

What has been the most valuable part of receiving the scholarship?

Meeting SCI members on a regular basis and getting to know the people involved in running SCI has been a great experience. It has allowed me to gain career advice from chemists throughout the academic community.

Which achievement are you most proud of in your academic career so far?

My SCI Scholarship!

What impact do you think receiving the scholarship will have on your future career?

I believe that this prestigious scholarship with help to create opportunities for me within the top research groups in the world and will also help me in the future to start an independent career either within the academic or industrial community.

What next?

I hope to conduct post-doctoral research in the United States to further my chemical knowledge. After that, I’m not sure!

Is there anything else that you would like to highlight or note about your SCI Scholarship?

I would just like to thank everyone at SCI for their help and mentoring over the past 2 years and hopefully into the future. It really has been an honour to be an SCI Scholar and if there is ever anything I can do to help SCI please do not hesitate to ask!

James Murray
SCI Scholar 2013-2015

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