16th European Congress on Biotechnology

31 Oct 2013

The European Congress on Biotechnology is a leading conference for industrial and academic biotechnologists in Europe, with strong links to the international biotechnology industry; past congresses have seen 27% of attendees come from outside Europe.

The 16th European Congress on Biotechnology (ECB16) is organised by the European Federation of Biotechnology, a non-profit organisation that aims to stimulate growth in the field of biotechnology from an impartial standpoint. The congress will take place in Edinburgh, from 13 -16 July 2014.

The 20 scientific symposia will include many aspects of bioprocessing and biochemical engineering, industrial biotechnology, biocatalysis, systems and synthetic biotechnology. Plant and medical biotechnology will be well represented, but a major difference from recent ECB congresses will be the strong representation of environmental biotechnology.

Professor Anne Glover, Chief Scientific Advisor to the European Commission will open the congress, and the programme will include:

  • Plenary lectures by some of the world's top biotechnologists
  • Highlight events on social and political issues especially targeted to the job-seeking needs of young biotechnologists
  • 20 scientific symposia led by eminent biotechnologists, including presentations by young scientists from across the spectrum of biotechnology
  • Satellite events specifically organised for special interest groups and graduate schools
  • Up to 50 exhibition stands, with some reserved for innovative businesses

Confirmed topics and speakers include:

  • Evolutionary strategies for cell factory development, Jack Pronk
  • Development of new vaccines, Paula Alves
  • Industrial biotechnology of natural and synthetic polymers, Georg Gübitz
  • Biomarkers and diagnostic tools, Molly Stevens
  • Plants for production of high value chemicals, Gary Loake
  • Assimilation of CO2, CO and CH4 into biobased products, Roberto de Pilippis
  • Synthetic biology replacements for antibiotics, Oscar Kuipers
  • Glycobiotechnology, Sabine Flitsch
  • Stress responses in microbial bioprocessing, Bernd Bukau
  • Applications of metabolic modelling, Christoff Wittmann
  • Plant genetic engineering, John Picket
  • Stem cell applications and gene therapies, Matthias Lutolf
  • Systems Biocatalysis, Harald Gröger
  • New Biomedical materials, Paul Gatenholm
  • Exploitation of metagenomics for environmental and biocatalytic applications, Elizaveta Bonch-Osmolovskaya

Edinburgh is an excellent host city for a conference which will see biotech businesses and academic experts coming together under one roof to share ideas, network and form partnerships. Five of the world's 10 life science companies are based in Scotland and the industry is worth £3.1 billion to the Scottish economy annually.

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