Bristol and South West members benefit from collaboration

SCI’s Bristol and South West Committee has run a successful events programme since 1885.

The Group collaborates with the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) and British Science Association on a number of events in its annual programme; a strategy that creates a more useful regional networking opportunity for members. However, in recent years, the Committee has had difficulty finding SCI volunteers to fill key places on their team to assist in organising the Group’s activities. Now, to ensure its success and continuation, a more formalised agreement has been made with the RSC’s Bristol and District Section that will undoubtedly benefit SCI members in the region. Spearheading this collaboration are Dr Stuart Shales of the SCI and Dr Andy Tubb of the RSC.

Without getting too technical, how will the SCI and RSC collaboration work?
SS: The two committees will be working alongside one another to organise and publicise events. The SCI will continue to run its student prize-giving events separately, but otherwise all events will be organised together. This means we can pool our resources as far as contacts for speakers, costs of room hire, and particularly, the human resource available for laying the groundwork and setting up the events.

What would you say are the main benefits of this collaboration?
SS: A shared risk approach makes much better economical sense in the current climate, especially when considering that many of the chemicals and science industries within the region have declined over the years, making our audience a much smaller target group.

Andy, what RSC events will benefit SCI Members?
AT: The RSC holds a Women Members Network Meeting, which will now be available to SCI members to attend. These are social events, principally to allow women members to keep in touch with one another. Typically, the organiser Pat Urwin, arranges for everyone to meet informally at a venue in Bristol, where members can enjoy a chat and a drink, often with a meal and some other entertainment. We think these meetings will provide a great benefit to SCI’s female membership.

Finally, what do you both see for the future of this collaboration?
AT: The RSC shares many members with the SCI and see it as logical for both societies to capitalise on common interests to benefit all members. We have collaborated for many years and will continue to strengthen our links, while still maintaining the unique benefits for each. SS: I think it will be of considerable importance in enabling us to continue providing an exciting, topical and informative events programme for members and the public. Close collaboration between both organisations will have a synergistic effect in promoting the profile of both societies in the region.

Dr Stuart Shales, SCI Bristol and South West Committee; Dr Andy Tubb, RSC Bristol and District Section

Bristol and South West Group

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