Is Europe in harmony - conference papers

London, 13 March 2008

After several decades of preparation, the CEN package of asphalt standards was been published. The specifications became harmonised standards in March 2008, by which time all equivalent national standards across Europe hadto be withdrawn.

What did the conference cover?
The seminar looked at the implications of the change; from the standards that each national standardisation could modify, to local conditions and contract conditions, to common standards that have to fit everybody's conditions.

Programme (pdf 200Kb)
  Introduction from Chairman
Cliff Nicholls, TRL
  The CEN asphalt package of standards (pdf 2.6Mb)
Egbert Beuving, European Asphalt Pavement Association, Belgium
  How harmonised European standards are intended to support national regulations (pdf 80Kb)
Stephen Rein, APSR Associates, UK
  The UK national approach (pdf 170Kb)
Bob Noakes, Norfolk County Council, UK
  The French national approach (pdf 3.2Mb)
Jean-Luc Delorme, Laboratoire Central des Ponts et Chaussées, France
  A Scandinavian approach (pdf 200Kb)
Katri Eskola, Finnish Road Administration, Finland
  A southern European approach (pdf 190Kb)
Maria Azevedo, CaeMD, LDA, Portugal
  Implications for test equipment producers (pdf 900Kb)
Keith Cooper, Cooper Research Technology, UK
  The perspective of a UK purchaser (pdf 900Kb)
Donna James, Highways Agency, UK


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