Road Maintenance Treatments

A full day Seminar on Road Maintenance Treatments was held on 18 March 2010 by the SCI Construction Materials Group in partnership with the Institute of Asphalt Technology and the Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation at SCI HQ at 14/15 Belgrave Square, London SW1X 8PS, UK.

Nine presentations were given by acknowledged experts in the field, which included the following topics:

  • Overview of available techniques for road maintenance treatments in producing durable solutions; carbon footprints are likely to become more important criteria with purchasing in the future
  • Awareness of how little is known about the mechanics of pothole formation and catalysts that trigger this process, plus micromechanical behavior between ageing bitumen and aggregate particles, porosity and performance in wet weather and freeze-thaw conditions
  • Velocity patching for fast, cost effective means of filling potholes
  • Treatments like surface dressing and microsurfacing increasingly becoming more integrated into asset management planning rather than the still common fix-and-mend approaches
  • Crack treatments requiring approved installers and effective chemical treatments to get rid of water ingress through these cracks and thereby achieve better skid resistance; BBA HAPAS Certification is a prerequisite for crack sealing and mandatory for all public procurement bodies covered by the Specification for Highway Works
  • Rejuvenation sprays are relatively new in the UK on many asphalt and macadam surfaces and are valuable alternatives to traditional maintenance procedures
  • Infrared heater road repairs driving costs, quality, productivity and significantly reducing the carbon footprint, with the process and materials passing stringent health and safety requirements
  • Different retexturing methods being used in maintaining skid resistance and water dispersion
  • Making the right choice; determining the appropriate and most cost effective treatments, such as patching, surface dressing or resurfacing

There was lengthy, informed discussion on the excellent presentations given to a large, very appreciative audience of ninety-nine (mostly engineers and scientists), which focused upon the highly topical nature of this Seminar and the importance of health, safety and environmental issues in the carrying out of Road Maintenance Treatments.

The event partners wish to thank the following exhibitors at the Seminar – Kiely Bros, Klaruw RMS Ltd, Rhino Asphalt Solutions Ltd, Stabilised Pavements Ltd and Stirling Lloyd.

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