Report: Electrochemistry Postgraduate Conference 2019

10 July 2019

10 Jul 2019

The SCI Electrochemistry Postgraduate Conference 2019 was hosted by the School of Engineering of Newcastle University on 31 May 2019.

SCI-EPC 2019 was organised by SCI’s Electrochemical Technology Group in partnership with RSC’s Electrochemistry Group and the International Society of Electrochemistry (ISE). Additional support was provided by industrial partners, Metrohm UK Ltd and Whistonbrook Technologies.

The event brought together more than 35 delegates from nine British universities, including PhD students, postdoctoral researchers and renowned academics. The meeting aimed to promote discussions on the practical applications of electrochemistry and to celebrate the regional postgraduate community in the field.

The conference started with welcome messages from Dr Eileen Yu on behalf of Newcastle University and Hang Xiang on behalf of the organising committee. Hang then introduced the first keynote speaker Professor Frank Marken, who highlighted the synthesis and use of polymers with intrinsic micro porosity in electrochemistry in research carried out at the University of Bath.

Electrochem 1 Frank Marken

Professor Frank Marken introducing the study on ‘An Efficient Polymer Molecular Sieve for Membrane Gas Separations’.

This was followed by the first oral presentation from Paniz Izadi from Newcastle University, who presented her work on bio-production from CO2 reduction in Microbial electrosynthesis (MES). Next, Xiaomeng Su from the University of Strathclyde talked about ‘Electrodeposition of Tin from Deep Eutectic Solvents Using Pulse Current’.

The morning session ended with the talk by Christiane Schotten from University of Leeds on ‘Development of a Multifunctional Electrochemical Flow Platform for High-Throughput Synthesis and Optimisation of Catalysts’.

Electrochem 2 Paniz IzadiElectrochem 3 Xiaomeng SuElectrochem 4 Christiane Schotten

Oral presentations in the morning session made by Paniz Izadi (left), Xiaomeng Su (middle) and Christiane Schotten (right).

The second session after lunch was opened by the second keynote speaker Professor Sudipta Roy from University of Strathclyde who delivered an impressive talk on ‘Design and Realisation of Ultrasonic Reactor for Maskless Microfabrication’.

Electrochem 5 Sudipta Roy

Professor Sudipta Roy gives her talk.

Chaired by Paniz Izadi, two oral presentations were given afterwards by Yiqi Zhou from the University of Manchester and Mohammad Danish Khan from Newcastle University. They shared their work on ‘Application of Bipolar Electrochemistry for Characterising the Corrosion Behaviour of Ferritic Stainless Steels’ and ‘Simultaneous azo-dye decolorization and electricity generation in air cathode microbial fuel cell coupled activated sludge process’ respectively.

Electrochem 6 Yiqi ZhouElectrochem 7 Mohammad Danish Khan

Oral presentations in the second session made by Yiqi Zhou (left) and Mohammad Danish Khan (right).

The last session was chaired by Hang Xiang. It began with the talk by Xi Wang from the University of Manchester on ‘Hierarchical Porous-structure Carbon Derived from Hollow Fibres for Binder-free Electrode Based Supercapacitors’. Afterwards, Zhiming Feng from Newcastle University presented his work on ‘Fundamental studies of poly(2,6-dimethyl-1,4-phenylene oxide) (PPO) based anion exchange membranes prepared via Friedel-Crafts reaction and followed by quaternary amination’.

Electrochem 8 Xi WangElectrochem 9 Zhiming Feng

Oral presentations in the last session made by Xi Wang (left) and Zhiming Feng (right).

The last session was then closed by an invited lecture of ‘Recycling CO2 to produce renewable fuels’ given by Dr Shahid Rasul from Northumbria University.

Electrochem 10

Dr Shahid Rasul.

To end the event, Dr Eileen Yu gave the closing remark and acknowledged the contribution of all those involved in the organisation and sponsorship of the event.

Professor Frank Marken then announced the oral presentation awards, which were given to:

Electrochem 11




1st prize
Yiqi Zhou
University of Manchester



2nd prize
Paniz Izadi
Newcastle University

Professor Sudipta Roy then announced the poster presentation winners:

Electrochem 13




1st prize
Hang Xiang
Newcastle University

Electrochem 14



2nd prize
Marc Brunet Cabre
Trinity College Dublin

The Organising Committee (Hang Xiang, Paniz Izadi, Ekaete Utuk and Yucheng Wang) would like to thank Dr Mark Symes and Dr Guy Denuault for their kind support and the endorsement of RSC and ISE sponsorship respectively. Thanks to Thierry Lenzin from ISE and Jaspria Roda from SCI. Special thanks to Dr Eileen Yu for providing useful advice and supporting the event.

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