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BSI Post-Meeting Reports available


26 Jun 2014

Representatives from SCI's Environment, Health and Safety Committee regularly attend Standards-related meetings, including meetings of the British Standards Institute (BSI), the International Standards Organisation (ISO) and the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN).

They sit on many technical committees and contribute towards the drafting process of new British and international standards including soil quality, ground testing, water quality and water sampling, ground gas and geotechnical investigations.

Environment, Health and Safety Committee members write post-meeting reports after each meeting or workshop they have attended. Copies of these reports are available upon application to the committee by emailing communications@soci.org.

Members are urged to monitor the BSI web site for environmentally-linked standards particularly in the area of soil and water quality and those related to environmental monitoring. It is particularly important that comments are made on drafts posted for public consultation to ensure that all views are considered and that good science prevails.

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