Event Preview - Imaging: Recent Advances and Biomedical Applications

14 Jul 2015

One of the best ways of treating a disease is to detect and diagnose it before it takes hold; nipping the problem in the bud can dramatically improve recovery and survival rates. In many cases, it is an anatomical change that provides the first sign that something is going wrong. These physical changes to an organ or even a cell are increasingly being detected and interpreted through the application of imaging.

Advances in imaging, whether that be increasing the sensitivity of a detection technique or the development of a non-invasive or more reliable method for identifying a problem, are not only transforming the way medical practitioners are detecting and diagnosing disease but also informing the way clinicians monitor the progress of a disease once it has taken hold.

Such advances in the biomedical imaging arena have only been possible through the combined effort of chemists, physicists, engineers, materials and computer scientists, who have brought their individual skills and expertise to address the challenges associated with this burgeoning and highly multidisciplinary area of science.

To showcase some of the latest developments in imaging methodologies and their application in the life and biomedical sciences, SCI's Fine Chemicals Group has organised a one-day symposium entitled, "Imaging: Recent Advances and Biomedical Applications," which will be held on Wednesday, 30 September 2015 at SCI in Belgrave Square, London.

The organising committee has secured an exciting line up of outstanding scientists from industry and academia who will deliver seminars on diverse areas including PET neuroimaging and the application of magnetic resonance imaging in psychiatry through to the application of super-resolution microscopy techniques, which are shedding unique insight at the molecular level on the workings of the cell. The diversity of topics reflects the equally diverse range of opportunities that imaging technologies offer to provide exquisite detail on the workings of the body and the associated far-reaching implications on how we detect, diagnose and treat disease.

The symposium will end with the speakers taking part in a panel discussion in which the audience will be able to get involved in what we hope will be a lively debate to explore the challenges, possibilities and future directions of this exciting and diverse field. A reception to end the day will mean attendees can continue their lively discussions over a glass of wine.

Aimed primarily at those working within the field of imaging the event will be of interest to those in academia and industry as well as clinicians who have an interest in developing and applying imaging technologies within the life and medical sciences.

More information, including the full list of speakers and registration for the meeting is available via the link below. To take advantage of the early bird deadline, please register before 31 July.

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