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What can big data do for chemistry? Event preview

What can Big Data do for Chemistry? 11 October 2017

20 July 2017

Venue: SCI, London, UK
Date: Wednesday 11 October 2017

Big Data is the process of analysing high volume, high velocity data by advanced computational methods that produce actionable knowledge. This approach has thrown up surprising, often counter-intuitive results, in many industries, especially with respect to public shopping habits. Other industries have achieved a clear bottom line benefit out of Big Data, but what can it do for chemistry?

This autumn SCI is pleased to present a one-day conference, What can Big Data do for Chemistry? The meeting aims to give chemists an idea of what Big Data can do for chemistry and informatics by looking at what people are doing at the frontier of the subject. Confirmed speakers include:

  • Prof Gisbert Schneider, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
      - "Big dada" in medicinal chemistry
  • Dr David Sheppard, Benevolent, UK,
      - Why drug discovery needs artificial intelligence
  • Dr Roger Sayle, NextMove Software, UK
      - Chemical similarity using multi-terabyte graph databases: 44 billion nodes and counting
  • Dr Mike Bodkin, Evotec, UK
      - What should I make next? Augmented design
  • Dr Willem Van Hoorn, Exscientia Ltd, UK
      - Scaling de novo design - from single target to disease portfolio
  • Dr Edward J. Griffen, MedChemica Ltd, UK
      - What have we done? What could we do with Advanced Analytics in the Chemistry Industry?

The conference will be of interest to all levels of chemists in pharmaceutical, agrochemical, process and materials industries. It will also appeal to academics in computational chemistry and informatics.

Early bird delegate fees apply before Friday 1 September and SCI Members attending the meeting can claim CPD points.

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