Fire Chemistry re-launches as the Fire and Materials Group!

8 Jan 2014

In Spring 2013, the Fire Chemistry Group re-launched, and re-branded itself as the Fire and Materials Group.

At its inaugural meeting, a new committee was formed, headed by Chairman Dick Horrocks of the University of Bolton.

Aiming to promote research and development in fire science, specifically fire chemistry, the Group will provide a forum for the discussion of pure and applied research in these areas. The Group will endeavour to:

  • Promote research and developments into the interactions between fire and materials, and their relevance to fire safety, by providing a forum for the discussion of pure and applied research in these areas.
  • Provide a unique UK interface between the academic and industrial sectors.
  • Address the fire-related questions that are of current greatest scientific and/or public interest by holding at least two meetings per year in venues across the UK, and hosted by academic, industrial and other member establishments.
  • Promote the discussion of ongoing research in this field and its broader applications, particularly among younger scientists.
  • Bring together the relevant parties regarding issues under discussion and facilitate understanding across these otherwise seemingly distinct fire-related disciplines.
  • Encourage membership from industrialists and academics, including students, as well as members of other relevant organisations such as research establishments and fire safety interests.

Since re-launching, the Group has held a meeting on the subject of the legislative landscape surrounding flame retardant textiles. This two-day meeting included updates from experts on the overview of current legislation with respect to use and testing of flame retardant textiles/textile composites in Europe, Turkey and the USA. Areas of application included furnishings and transport (automotive, rail and shipping). Toxicity standards were discussed as well as the views from industry.

In April 2014, the Group will be holding an event on flame retardant technologies at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN). Four sessions of the conference will cover the current status of the technology in 17 lectures over two days. The lectures will be overviews of current fire retardants, their modes of action and applications, finishing with their toxicity and the environment.

A poster display of groundbreaking research to bring delegates up-to-date with the latest work in the field will be held, along with an exhibition by manufacturers of fire retardants, fire testing and analytical equipment to quantify fire retardancy, alongside the fire test laboratories. Tours of local fire testing sites and UCLAN's fire laboratories and a workshop will also be offered.

The Group welcomes members from all sides of the 'fire safety polygon' and looks forward to welcoming you at an event in the near future. If you have any ideas for the Group, or would like to get more involved, please email

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