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Nutritious news for antioxidant investors, developers and marketers


Want to reduce ageing, improve cognitive function and manage your weight better? Perhaps you should consume more antioxidants. Are antioxidants just a marketing food fad or does the science behind the word hold value?

Antioxidants are defined as molecules which can prevent or slow down oxidative damage, which helps to prevent disease. Many different types of food and ingredients are rich in antioxidants, including blueberries, kiwi, pomegranate, grapes, nuts, seeds, and pulses, to name a few. Current research suggests that phytochemicals do indeed play a role in anti-ageing, cognitive function and weight management.

It is potential health benefits such as these, that are increasing interests in antioxidants and their properties. This interest is driving the identification of existing or new ingredients and their incorporation into new products in the growing functional food arena.

Karen Masters, Secretary, SCI Food Group

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