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Andy Kerridge is director of quality assurance at Burger King, with specific responsibilities for new market entry and new product commercialisation in the EMEA markets. He is also Chairman of the SCI’s Food Commodities and Ingredients Group, and has been a member of the SCI and the Group’s committee since 1989. Here, he talks about recent developments within the committee and what members can expect in 2010.

You were recently re-elected as chairman of Food Commodities and Ingredients – what would you say is different this time?
AK: The profile of the committee has changed, particularly with the presence of Young Ambassadors. This was a very welcome innovation. We have supported the Young Scientists Research Competition for many years – which we hold jointly with the Institute of Food Science and Technology – so it was great to see such a positive progression, with award winners invited to serve on the committee.

Has this changed the way the committee works?
AK: The great thing about having younger members involved in the committee is that they challenge the way we do things and look at new and more current applications. As an example, they have begun to manage our SCI online forum and will soon issue a quarterly newsletter for the Group. They open the possibilities for keeping in touch with our membership in a variety of ways, and in so doing, help to attract new members.

What can group members expect in 2010?
AK: For starters there will be the new newsletter. We had a hot topic event on Acrylamide in April. We will be holding lectures of general interest on GM food, and on chocolate. The popular ‘Ask a Food Scientist’, where anyone can ask a food question to our expert panel, ran in the first week of June to coincide with Food Safety Week. This was followed by our Group AGM, supported by an evening lecture on Antioxidants, and featuring two ‘Food for thought’ presentations given by our own Young Ambassadors on their winning works. Members can also look forward to new developments on popular social networking websites, such as Linkedin and Twitter.

For further information about these event details, email sabrina.remedios@soci.org

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