Introducing SCI’s Energy group blog series!

20 May 2019

SCI’s Energy group are set to release a series of blog articles on the SCIBlog, which will explore various topics around energy, discussing how recent years have seen energy play a large role in response to the climate threat. 

Throughout the series, you will also be introduced to its members through regular features that highlight their roles and major interests in energy. We welcome you to read their series and hope to spark some interesting conversation across all areas of SCI.

Decarbonisation: why must we act now?

renewable energy

The first in the Energy groups ongoing series and is available to read on now.

The first entry of the blog series (by group member Reace Edwards) discusses why we must identify decarbonisation solutions. A growing global population has caused a significant increase in the global consumption of fossil fuels, in order to produce and supply energy for everyone.

Scientists have raised their concerns regarding the negative impacts caused by burning oil and coal, which has resulted in the elevated levels of CO2 concentration. Inevitably, this warming has resulted in changes to our climate system.

With today’s global energy consumption and the need to reduce greenhouse emissions, the market for renewable energy technologies has continued to grow.

This blog series will aim to identify the different potential decarbonisation solutions across multiple dimensions of the overall energy supply chain, which include source, system, storage and service.

Read the full article, here.

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