Journal Highlights March 2020

06 April 2020

3 April 2020

SCI’s peer reviewed journals provide research studies and commentary articles undertaken by top scientists in emerging areas, addressing global audiences by crossing academic, industrial and science policy sectors.

Here we highlight some of the most recent papers from our journals. To view the full range of SCI’s journals, visit our Publications page.

Resistant weeds

Pest Management Science DOI:10.1002/PS.5667

A species of weed known as Amaranthus (often called pigweed) infests a number of soybean fields in Italy, but is not adequately controlled by available inhibitor herbicides. Amaranthus species are prone to evolve resistance after repeated exposure to herbicides. Researchers created a simplified botanical key to aid in the identification of the weed, assess the number of sites where the resistant weed is present and determine the mechanism of resistance. The botanical key could be a useful tool for farmers and scientists to easily identify the Amaranthus species in the field.

Polymer supports the cleanup of water

Polymer International DOI:10.1002/pi.5961

The increasing number of organic pollutants has become an environmental problem. To deal with pollutants such as antibiotics, pesticides and industrial compounds in aqueous media, a number of strategies have been proposed. One of these strategies is polymer supports. Researchers find that one of the biggest challenges to this approach is the industrial scale up of bioremediation processes that allow the removal and degradation of organic pollutants in a continuous and large scale manner.

Studying PV in Ghana

Energy Science & Engineering DOI:10.1002/ese3.651

Photovoltaic (PV) technology has received a lot of attention due to its potential role as a cleaner source of energy. This has led to an increasing number of studies around the world aimed at assessing the performance of PV. However researchers point out that the studies have been ‘geographically unbalanced,’ and there is need for data from regions that are underrepresented. This study presents data obtained from research on PV is Ghana which focused on the monitoring of operational

performance, degradation and failure. The study looks at 65 modules from 29 installations across the country.

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