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Plants to the rescue - Mental and psychological supporters in the recession conference papers

plants in office

Organised by SCI’s Horticulture Group, Plants to the Rescue was held on 30 September at SCI HQ, London and had over 80 delegates in attendance.

With thanks to the sponsors: Eric Gardener Memorial Fund, Perennial, Plants for People, Lantra, Enterprise and Indoor Garden Design who displayed some wonderful plants on the day.

The conference highlighted the outcomes from current research demonstrating the benefits derived from human association with plants. Research shows that plants present in an environment reduce human aggressive tendencies and have calming effects. The result is added efficiency and effectiveness. Rates of absenteeism and illness fall when plants enhance the work place. Sharing common interests in plants helps community cohesion and diminishes sectional rivalries. The costs of well planned and planted environments are minimal compared with the benefits derived.

Conference Papers:

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