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Risk, Reward, and Revelation – A Discussion on Lipids and Health

Eggs and a tape mesaure

21 May 2015

The links between fat consumption and health have always been controversial. This November, in London, UK, the SCI Lipids Group is hosting a multinational conference to explore the science that can either support or dispel many myths surrounding lipid consumption and health and disease.

Lipids represent a significant proportion of our dietary intake and energy consumption, and yet are typically thought of as unhealthy, and consequently as having extremely negative effects on our health and wellbeing. Current public opinion is that dietary fats and oils should be strictly avoided or reduced when possible. How much of this is true? Are all fats bad for us? This conference aims to bring together industry and academia to discuss important issues in this field.

The conference includes three subtopics, each of which has two platforms:  

A look at the current science of fat consumption. What health risks are associated with saturated, trans, and polyunsaturated fats? What is the typical composition of lipids in a UK diet? What are the risks of contamination in the manufacturing processes surrounding commercial fats and oils?

Focussing on the potential health gains of particular lipid species, these sessions aim to highlight the benefits of discrete fatty acids on neural development and behaviour in infants, and suggest strategies to better deliver them to unwilling recipients!

A look at the context of lipids in human evolution, and potential strategies that exploit this for the benefit of human health. One platform will explore novel ways in which we can tackle the negative connotations associated with fats, and explore methods to educate the public and improve health.

This is a chance to experience the current academic and industrial consensus on the impacts of lipids on health, and discuss potential solutions and outlooks that can alter the future of lipids in health and disease.

For an interesting discussion on lipids join us on Monday 16 November and Tuesday 17 November at SCI, London, UK.  Registration is available via the link below.

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