Edible Oils and fats - trends in raw materials, processing and applications (conference papers)

This item first appeared in 2007

Oils and Fats Technical Interest Group conference, Cairo, 20-21 March 2007

The aim of the conference was to provide a good overview of the edible oils and fats industry by covering current processes and products together with a look at future trends. Expert speakers were invited from all over the world. Day 1 focused on raw materials and their processing, and Day 2 on applications, both industrial and consumer products. Other subjects covered included quality control, crystallisation , labelling and nutrition. Keynote speakers were: Dr Michael Bockisch (Unilever, author of the Fats and Oils Handbook) on what we can expect in fat-based consumer products; Prof Tom Sanders (King’s College, London, a regular radio and television broadcaster and newspaper contributor) on health and nutritional trends; Ken Carlson (Crown, a well-known expert in oil processing) on trends in production and processing.

Organising Committee
John Hancock, John Podmore, Geoff Talbot, Ralph Timms and Wolf Hamm, Mike Willson ( SCI Oils and Fats Technical Interest Group).

Tuesday 20 March- Raw Materials and Processing
    Production and Processing - An Overview of Future Trends (pdf 1Mb)
Ken Carlson, Crown, USA
    Important Commercial and Quality Considerations in Soybean Processing (pdf 750Kb)
Najeh Asad, ASA, Local Consultant, Palestine
    Palm oil and Fractions - Properties and Characteristics (pdf 1.5Mb)
Siew Wai Lin, MPOB, Malaysia
    Oilseeds of the Middle East: Conventional and Promising Uses (pdf 120Kb)
Ismail H Hussein, University of Gezira, Sudan
    Coconut and Palm Kernel Oils (pdf 890Kb)
U. R. Sahasranamam, IOI Loders Croklaan, Malaysia
    Analytical Criteria for Quality Control of Margarines in Turkey (pdf 1.2Mb) Part Two (pdf 3.3Mb)
Müjde Olçay, Besler, Turkey
    Potentials in Bleaching Earth Reduction - Theoretical Background, Industrial Results 
Gunter Börner, OHMI Engineering, Germany
    Basics of Alkali Refining and Water Washing of Vegetable Oils (pdf 250Kb)
Andrew Logan, Alfa Laval, Denmark
    Degumming (pdf 700Kb)
Ernst Münch, Lippro Consulting, Germany
    Deodorisation and Physical Refining of Oils (pdf 1.4Mb)
Ray Cook, Ebortec, UK
    Fractionation (pdf 1.3Mb)
John Harris, Loders Croklaan, The Netherlands
    Developments in Hydrogenation and Interesterification to comply with the New Nutritional and Health Standards for Edible Oils (pdf 860Kb)
Marc Kellens, de Smet, Belgium (delivered by Wim De Greyt)
Wednesday 21 March - Applications
    Fat-Based Consumer Products - What can we Expect from the Future? (pdf 170Kb)
Michael Bockisch, Unilever, Germany (delivered by Erich Dumelin)
    Characteristics and Production of Vanaspati, Ghee, Butter and other Solid Fats (pdf 1.35Mb)
Mike Willson, LipoLogic Food Technology Consultancy, USA
    A Distinctive role for Olive Oil in the World Market (pdf 150Kb)
Vassilis Zampounis, Axion Agrotiki, Greece
    Retail Spreads and Related Functional Ingredients (pdf 2.4Mb)
Miroslav Buchmet, Danisco, Denmark
    Life Cycle Assessment of Vegetable Oils & Spreads (pdf 2.6Mb)
Erich Dumelin, Unilever, The Netherlands
    Fat Crystallisation: Mechanism and Methods for Studying (pdf 1.1Mb)
Ralph Timms, UK
    Formulation and Production of Fats for Bakery Applications (pdf 400Kb)
John Podmore, UK
    Formulation and Production of Confectionery Fats (pdf 180Kb)
Geoff Talbot, The Fat Consultant (delivered by Hennie Slager, Loders Croklaan, The Netherlands)
    Formulation and use of Frying Oils (pdf 500Kb)
Adam Thomas, AarhusKarlshamn, UK
    Labelling Issues relating to Fats and Oils - A Global Perspective (pdf 650Kb)
Kath Veal, Leatherhead Food International, UK
    Health and Nutritional Trends  – Obesity, Nutritional Profiling, Trans fatty acids and the Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acid balance (pdf 1.7Mb)
Tom Sanders, King’s College London, UK


The OFI Middle East 2007 Exhibition was organised by industry magazine, Oils & Fats International, and showcased the latest products and services from the worldwide oils and fats marketplace.

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