Liverpool and North West Prize awarded to Daniel Congrave

2 Oct 2014

My MChem project was carried out in the group of Prof Igor Perepichka at Bangor University and was centred on the synthesis of a class of molecules (F4PheDOT) which are believed to exhibit a potential for application in organic field effect transistors (OFETs). Vitally, the target molecules were designed to exhibit n-type charge carrying characteristics, in contrast to the more common p-type organic semiconductors. The development of such materials is vital if organic electronic are going to be able to compete with/ complement current technology well. The materials were also designed with the intention of being soluble enough to fabricate devices via solution processing techniques, rather than more expensive sublimation techniques which have limitations when it comes to large area application eg semiconducting back panels for large TVs.

The monomers were synthesised via SEAr and SNAr reactions before being oligomerised via palladium-catalysed Suzuki and Stille coupling. Symmetrical oligomers were obtained up to the tetramer level. Characterisation is not yet complete and future research students will be continuing the work from there. Despite the incorporation of the hexanoyl groups, solubility was still found to be very low which promises a high enthalpy of lattice formation, possible evidence that these oligomers stack well on the supramolecular scale with a good degree of crystallinity for an organic material which would likely lead to good charge transport properties.

I really enjoyed this project within a field which has obvious applications to industry, and winning an award from the Liverpool and North West division is a happily accepted bonus.

Daniel Congrave,
Liverpool and North West Group prize winner

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