Would you believe… we put a man on the moon?

'Would you believe… we put a man on the moon?' was the title of this year’s Liverpool and North West Regional Family Event. The talk gave a stimulating and provocative look at claims that humans did not in fact go to the moon, and that the whole momentous occasion was actually manufactured at a huge film studio in the United States.

Guiding the audience through the story was Jerry Stone, an expert on space exploration with over 35 years experience in the field. Using a series of stunning photos and video clips he told the story according to NASA and then detailed the evidence against an actual moon landing. On reflection, it was felt that perhaps Jerry did too good a job in the first part of his talk, as during the interval, a straw poll suggested two thirds of the audience didn’t believe man did go to the moon!

Minds were quickly changed however, as Jerry worked through the claims one at a time and took them apart with clear science and proper research. As is often the case with seductive ideas put forward by the media, going back and fully examining the available evidence undermines biased interpretations. An entertaining and informative speaker, Jerry kept the audience of young and old enthralled throughout and as a result had plenty of questions to field. Those wanting to learn more took home copies of his colourful book One Small Step.

This event was the third of the annual Family Events hosted jointly by SCI’s Liverpool and North West Group and the Catalyst Science Discovery Centre. The Alchemy Theatre provided a perfect venue for the occasion. The committee were delighted to have a mixed audience of Saturday Science Club families and SCI members, including some who were attending a regional event for the first time.

Mike Pitts, Chairman, Liverpool and North West Regional Group

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