London Group Autumn/Winter Lecture series

4 Sep 2014

The London Group weekly lecture series, in collaboration with UCL's Chemical Physical Society, returns for the Autumn/ Winter Term on 30 September on a weekly basis.

Dr Adam Rutherford, Editor at Nature and journalist and TV broadcaster, kicks of the series of talks on 30 September. He will be followed by Dr Ron Lancaster on 7 October, who will give a demonstration lecture on fireworks, explosive chemistry and pyrotechnics.

The scientific examination and conservation of Old Master paintings will be considered on 14 October as a member from the National Gallery Scientific Department takes us behind the scenes to show how scientific work is used to provide the most accurate information possible about the paintings and how this is used to inform decisions about their care and display, so they can be enjoyed by generations to come.

A careers event will be held on 21 October, organised in partnership with SCI's Electrochemical Technology Group. Speakers from a variety of industries, including GSK and Johnson Matthey will talk at this special event designed to assist you with your career choices. Come and find out how the skills you have learnt from your academic career can be translated to the workplace.

At the end of October, Dr Gustav Kuhn from Goldsmiths University and ex-professional magician will explain to us how magic works and some of the principles used by magicians to distort an audience's perception such as misdirection and manipulation of expectations will be explored. Kuhn will show how magic works because psychological limitations are so counterintuitive that they are more willing to accept a magical interpretation rather than acknowledge their limitations.

In November, four talks will take place; on energy, arsenic pollution acid rain and the chemistry of respiratory medicines. An extra event has also been organised preceding the lecture on acid rain on 18 November. SCI members and their guests are invited to attend a Members' Lunch and guided tour of the Royal Institution, there is a small fee for the tour and booking is required as places are limited (click on the link below for more information).

The lecture series ends in December with Dr Ipsita Roy's talk on tissue regenerating plastics from bugs, describing the production of a range of PHAs (polyhydroxyalkanoates) and their use in bone, nerve, cartilage and cardiac tissue regeneration as well as their use for controlled and targeted drug discovery.

With the exception of the Members' Lunch and Royal Institution Tour, all events take place on Tuesday evenings at 5.45 for 6.15, are free to attend and booking is not required. Refreshments are also served prior to and at the end of each event. Please follow the London Group Events link and click on the individual events for more information.  

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