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Food security and sustainable production of horticultural crops

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22 Jul 2014

On Thursday 10 July 2014 the SCI Process Engineering Group hosted the evening lecture titled Food Security and Sustainable Production of Horticultural Crops in the UK presented by Dr Carol Wagstaff from the University of Reading.

The presentation focused on the different aspects of the production of horticultural crops such as economic, marketing, health and nutrition. Research by Dr Carol Wagstaff on food processing was also discussed including reduction of food waste and improvement of the shelf life and nutritional quality of horticultural crops through breeding, pre-harvest and post-harvest factors.

She also expressed her concerns about the nutrition and health of Britons through charts, images and historical facts.

The meeting ended up with questions from delegates, exchange of ideas and with a wine mixer afterwards where people had the opportunity to network.

Gabriel Finten

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