Journal Highlights: July 2019

01 August 2019

01 August 2019

SCI's peer-reviewed journals provide research studies and commentary articles undertaken by top scientists in emerging areas, addressing global audiences by crossing academic, industrial, government and science policy sectors.

Here are some of the highlights from the most recent issues of our journals. To view the full range of SCI's journals, visit our Publications page!

Lessons from Commercialisation of Cellulosic Ethanol – A POET Perspective



Biofpr DOI:  10.1002/bbb.2033

This article sets out some of the lessons POET- one of the world's largest ethanol producers - learnt during the four-year start-up period of a collaborative project between POET and DSM, known as Project LIBERTY. POET outlines some of the reasons why the commercially viable cellulosic biofuel struggled to lead to triumph, and why the commercial success of cellulosic biofuels remains elusive.  

Firstly, POET/DSM outlined that implementing sustainable harvest levels was crucial in improving the conditions associated with ‘soil growth,’ and in sharing these guidelines with farmers who are willing to participate and help.    

Among one of the biggest challenges is the operation of the plant. Operating new units of the plant required more time and integration with its neighbouring facilities i.e. ‘borrowing’ steam from the starch plant, which was crucial in enabling the scale of the operation.

This article explores all the lessons learnt during the start-up period in detail, and concludes with the fact that financial resources, determination and commitment to agriculture and environment are key ingredients to making plants operational and successful.

Tidal current turbines

 Tidal sea turbine


Energy Science and Engineering DOI: 10.1002/ese3.399 

Tidal power is one of the major renewable energy sources, a known green energy source, emitting zero carbon. As fossil energy will no longer meet the needs in the future’s demand for energy, there is now an urgent need to develop energy resources such as tidal current turbines.

Tidal power is energy obtained from changing sea levels, where water currents turn the turbines, in turn activating a generator which produces electricity. Therefore, developing tidal current turbines has huge prospects as it creates renewable, non-polluting energy with huge reserves, obtaining energy directly from the ocean.

In this original article, the authors demonstrate how innovations in the design of tidal current generators have led to increased efficiency and service life. With a longer lifespan than wind or solar farms, tidal current generators have the potential to become more cost-competitive in the long run.

Personalised health and wellbeing



Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology DOI: 10.1002/jctb.6009

Over recent years, technological and scientific advances have transformed the biomedical and medical landscape, with ongoing innovations to improve patient health care. Personalised medicine holds enormous potential to transforming healthcare systems; greater personalisation includes more precise diagnosis, more personalised interventions and better understanding of individual disease risk. Moreover, it allows physicians to develop tailored dietary advice, therapeutic regimes and general health maintenance for each patient. Eventually tailoring medical treatment to the specific characteristics of each patient suggests that this platform has the potential to maximise the overall health status of a population.

This thought-provoking perspective discusses the use of microfluidic devices for tailored health options. This solution could allow physicians of the future to personalise treatment and care of patients.

An in vitro platform offers an analysis of cellular responses, which is crucial in advancing personalised medicine for treating different diseases and improving health and wellbeing. The authors discuss the potential for merging microfluidic devices, organoid structures and advanced analytical methods in order to bring to fruition the benefits of greater personalisation in health and wellbeing.

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