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AGM 2015 - please use your vote this year!

Jack Melling

27 Feb 2015

The deadline for self nominations to be received is Friday 10 April.

There are many vacancies this year: Chair of BoT, Chair of MAC, 4 ordinary trustees as well as members of Advisory Committees - MAC (7), FIAC (9) and PAC (9). For those with an interest in active participation in SCI governance this could be your year to step forward. There is no shame and much credit in having the courage to stand even though perhaps not being elected; I can tell you it's happened to me.

Given the number and nature of the vacancies this year the results are likely to help shape the Society for years to come. It is not healthy for SCI to have the election of those who will govern and influence it decided by only 7% of the membership. Therefore, please can I urge all of my fellow members to participate this year at least by considering standing as candidates, certainly by looking critically at what candidates offer to SCI and most definitely by VOTING. The best retirement gift I could receive would be a record turnout for this year's elections.

Do please use your vote this year!

Jack Melling
Chair of the Board of Trustees

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