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Election 2015 – Have Your Say

Jack Melling

22 Apr 2015

As I write this, nominations have been submitted to the independent scrutineers.

SCI Members now have important decisions to make with so many elective offices to be filled.  This is our opportunity to decide what we want SCI to be.  Accordingly, we all should very carefully consider the candidate’s statements and our knowledge of them as fellow members.  You will receive information about all candidates in late May so please keep an eye out via email and post.

Those elected will need to deliver what is in SCI best interests and we must have confidence in that ability.  It would be good, but perhaps not realistic to hope we all will participate by voting, but let’s certainly try for a record turnout to give real legitimacy to those elected.

Please take an interest in what the candidates tell us about themselves and their aspirations and intentions for the future of our Society.  Please use your vote in SCI’s interests.

Jack Melling
Chairman, Board of Trustees

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