Clive Weeks 1942-2016

Dr Clive Weeks who has died aged 73 was an exceedingly active and influential member from the time he joined SCI in 1984. At the time Clive, who had a PhD in physics, was head of ICI’s Millbank information activity and, as happened with many around that time, was 'persuaded', in his case by Sir William Duncan, ICI Chairman and SCI President to become involved in SCI activities.

Clive made a major contribution to SCI as a member and subsequently chairman of the Publications Committee and an ex officio member of the Executive Committee (the forerunner of present Board of Trustees). Publications, both in their impact on the wider scientific community and the income SCI derives from them were and still are vital to the Society. When I later became chairman of that committee Clive could not have been more generous in providing help and advice and I was always grateful to him.

As well as his inputs to the publications activities, Clive served as an elected Member of Council and on the Finance & Investment Advisory Committee. The award of the Lampitt medal in 1995 demonstrated the high regard for Clive by his colleagues and was acknowledgment of his contributions to SCI.

Clive was always good company (particularly during adjournments to the Star!), with a dry sense of humour and comments delivered in a soft Welsh accent. He invariably remained courteous and was a very effective contributor in debate. He had a passionate interest in promoting positive public attitudes towards chemicals and the chemical industry and also towards education and gave influential support to the SCICENTRE project.

SCI has good cause to remember and to be very grateful for all of Clive’s contributions.

Dr Jack Melling
Finance and Investment Advisory Committee and Publication Advisory Committee

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