Chemistry Growth Strategy Group: Feedback on the report

26 Jul 2013

Our Hon President, Paul Booth OBE presented an overview of the Chemistry Growth Strategy at the SCI AGM on 3 July 2013. For those who missed the lecture or if you would like to review it, you can do so  by clicking on the link below.

The UK chemical and chemistry-using industries, through the Chemistry Growth Strategy Group (CGSG), have handed to Government an interim report on how the sector can grow by 50% in less than two decades. The report Chemistry Fuelled Growth of the UK Economy (accessible below) was presented by a group of chemical business leaders on 10 July at a meeting with the Right Honourable Michael Fallon MP, Minister of State for Business and Enterprise. In the report industry calls for and commits to rapid exploitation of shale gas, accelerating innovation and rebuilding UK chemistry supply chains. These interim findings are in advance of the official launching of the strategy in the autumn.

This vital project, led 'by industry for industry', proposes the formation of a Chemistry Growth Partnership which should, in the view of the CGSG, be constituted by Leaders from a whole range of UK chemical businesses in order for  industry leaders to make the right decisions. 

Led by former CIA President Keith Wiggins, the industrialists said "This report shows the criticality of the chemical and chemistry-using industry to the UK economy"; this was welcomed by Business and Enterprise Minister, Michael Fallon, who said "I welcome this report as an important contribution to our overall industrial strategy. I look forward to the autumn when the full report will be formally launched.

SCI was consulted during the preparation of the report and provided input via our Hon President and further advice from selected groups via the Executive. Feedback on the report is invited to

SCI looks forward to drawing on our multi-disciplinary network and knowledge to support the future Chemistry Growth Partnership in implementing this strategy for Chemistry fuelled growth in the UK.

Joanne Lyall
Executive Director 2010-13

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