Attracting and retaining talent

24 Feb 2012

SCI and Chemical Industries Association (CIA) members recently joined forces to share views on how to attract and retain talented, enthusiastic young people who will ensure a sustainable future for our sector.

SCI and the CIA brought together early career stage members with senior HR and Innovation representatives to debate this subject. Our special guest was Dr Stephanie Burns, chair of Dow Corning and honorary president of SCI (2010-2012), who is well known for her passion for supporting career development in the chemical sector.

Key points included:

  • Chemical-related industries offer stimulating careers where employees can have a huge impact on society; they generally outperform the economy and pay well, so have a lot to offer prospective employees.
  • There is no one correct strategy for recruitment but each company needs to have a considered strategy which is driven enthusiastically from the top.
  • Companies that invest in building relationships with prospective employees through engagement with universities, schools and their local community reap the benefits.
  • Practical opportunities for interaction between students and industry such as internships are extremely valuable in attracting talent.
  • Multi-disciplinary experience and a mix of technical and soft skills are highly valued by industry and universities and schools should promote their value.
  • Organisations such as SCI and the CIA play an important role in connecting academia and industry so that students can see a role for themselves in industry.

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