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CPD Guide for SCI Members

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7 Sep 2016

Earlier this year, SCI became a CPD (Continuing professional development) Standards Accredited Centre. This means that SCI members are able to gain CPD points by attending eligible SCI conferences.

Continuing professional development (CPD) is the intentional maintenance and development of the knowledge and skills needed to perform in a professional context. This could mean honing current skills, developing them to a new level, or learning entirely new ones, that will allow for an employee’s job role to expand or prepare them for potential promotion. Many companies and organisations now prioritise CPD activities and certification because they ensure a constantly progressing workforce.

The CPD Standards Office has produced a guide for SCI members to help you understand how they can benefit from CPD Accredited activity. The guide can be accessed via the link below.

Below is a selection of upcoming SCI events where you can earn CPD points from in the coming months:

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