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Early career support and services – thank you for your assistance

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17 Feb 2014

On 17 January SCI launched a survey of our early career membership to help us to find out what support or services we can offer to improve their services.

Current SCI members aged between 18 and 36 were asked to comment on the services they receive from SCI, and what they would like to like to see in the future.

Early Career Scientists are a key part of SCI's membership, and we are always looking at ways in which we can continue to support our early career members.

Over 10% of those questioned provided a response, and their detailed and informative replies will certainly help us to improve our services in the future.

The next step is for this feedback to be reviewed and collated so that we can create a plan of action about how to deliver the changes and additional services you have requested.

We look forward to updating you in the next few months with further details about how we will proceed.

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