Group Officers’ Conference – have your say

20 August 2014

If you are a member of a Group committee, are you happy with everything that SCI does for you? Is there anything that you, as an active member, would like to contribute to ensure the lasting future and well being of the Society? If so, then the Group Officers' Conference, which is being organised by MAC, is an opportunity for your voice to be heard.

Since its foundation in 1881, SCI has built a reputation for connecting science and business. Time and Society, as we all know, does not stand still and the issues we face today are constantly changing. In recent years, we may have been a little slow to recognise and adapt to these changes, but it is essential that SCI evolves and embraces these new challenges if it is to remain relevant to society and deliver the vision of its founding fathers. It is within this context that we need your help through your participation in the Group Officers' Conference.

The Membership Affairs Committee (MAC) is proposing a new agenda and this will be the primary topic for discussion. The concept involves the establishment of ground-breaking programmes that will enable us to: (1) deliver our 'where science meets business' vision; (2) establish a reputation as a thought leader and influencer of decision makers; and (3) position SCI for the next generation.

SCI's Groups are the life blood of the Society and their members have the capacity and knowledge to identify and support these ground-breaking programmes – which will bring into sharp focus the essence of the 'Hub' and 'Connected Agenda' concepts that are ongoing projects. Can you and your committee help foster a step change in the SCI approach?

The Chairs and Secretaries of all SCI's Group are invited to come to debate and contribute to this exciting initiative on Thursday 15 January 2015. Those attending are encouraged to seek the views and thoughts of their fellow committee members as all contributions will be invaluable. Together, this will enable SCI to launch programmes that will help the Society establish a position that will build its future as a stimulating, effective and highly relevant organisation. Can you afford not to be involved?

It is expected that this will lay the foundations for the Members Forum later in the year where all members will have the opportunity to contribute their thinking and views to this vision of how your society will be positioned in the 21st century.

Leonard Copping
Chair, Membership Affairs Committee

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