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7 Apr 2014

As part of my introduction to SCI, I am keen to build and improve communication channels between TIGs, RIGs, Trustees and SCI headquarters staff (including myself). To facilitate this, we are planning to hold a conference, with overnight stay, to which we'll invite two representatives from each TIG and RIG along with MAC members and Trustees as appropriate, and relevant HQ staff. We look forward to sharing the outcomes of the meeting with you at a later date.

On another note, as you know SCI is all about where science meets business.In our strategic statement, approvedby the BoT in November 2014, wedefine our purpose as 'To be an open,multidisciplinary forum connectingscientists and business people in orderto advance the application of chemistryand related sciences for the benefit ofsociety'. And one of our main tasks forthe current year is to engage with morekey business influencers as members,partners and sponsors.

We will be working with SCIcommittee members to gather a listof relevant businesses around theBritish Isles, and where appropriatetheir parent bodies abroad, to findout who we could talk to about SCImembership or collaboration. If youhave any thoughts about companiesin your geographical or technical areawho would make good contacts for SCI,please contact membership@soci.org with your suggestions.

Dr Juliet Corbett
Executive Director

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