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Meet our new Trustees - AGM 2017

15 Belgrave Square

6 July 2017

Dr Alan Baylis, Chair of the Board of Trustees, welcomed Members to the 136th SCI AGM on Wednesday 5 July 2017. Dr Baylis outlined changes to the format of the AGM, including the electronic voting system and began the meeting with the Chairman’s review. This was followed by a financial review presented by Geoff Fowler.

The results of the elections were announced as part of the AGM resolutions, starting with ordinary Members of the Board of Trustees, for which the following members were elected:

  • Prof Joe Sweeney
  • Mr Thomas Moore
  • Dr Robin Harrison

Election results were then announced for ordinary Members of the Finance and Investment Advisory Committee:

  • Dr Pauline Allen
  • Mr Martin Curry

Following this, the AGM noted the unopposed election of candidates for ordinary members of both the new Membership Committee and the Publications Committee:

Ordinary Members of the Membership Committee

  • Prof Raymond Jones
  • Dr John Hardy
  • Dr Maryam Bayati

Ordinary Members of the Publications Committee

  • Dr John Hardy

All other AGM resolutions were passed. SCI would like to thank all outgoing members of the Board of Trustees, and standing committees, for their hard work and efforts on behalf of the society and looks forward to working with the new Trustees and committee members to deliver our strategy and drive SCI forward.

To close the meeting, Sharon Todd, Executive Director, gave a presentation on SCI Strategy and key Activities delivered. This highlighted the broad scope of SCI activity, the consistent themes the Society is working towards and reflections on the enthusiastic membership, connections and volunteers.

Following the AGM there were presentations of the Lampitt Medal and Distinguished Service Awards, plus presentations from SCI Scholars. The day ended with a networking session and much anticipation of the Summer Reception to follow, with presidential address by Neil Carson, talk by Harry Swan and launch of the new SCIence Garden.

There was a positive vibe in the air, with comments from members, guests, and trustees alike and we now look forward to the year ahead.

Please note that the 137th AGM will be held on Wednesday 4 July 2018.

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